Talking New Technology

The sga_max_size was introduced for databases where the DBA did not know how to optimize the SGA pools manually.  Today, a competent […]

Parameter abap/shared_objects_out_of_mem_dump Short text Tracing of the shared objects memory usage Parameter Description You can use this profile parameter to […]

Parameter abap/dyn_abap_log Short text Mode for detailed recording of dynamic ABAP code Parameter Description off: No detailed recording of dynamic […]

Parameter abap/comp_diagnostic Short text Configure ABAP Compiler diagnostics Parameter Description Activates diagnostics in the ABAP Compiler. Caution: Trace level 2 […]

Parameter abap/check_program_buffer_consistency Short text Consistency Check of ABAP Program Buffer for Detection of Memory Overwrites Default Value off Operating System […]

Parameter abap/authority_to_catch_for_debugging Short text This profile parameter defines the compatibility behavior with older releases in the authorization check applied when […]